Bank of Jordan is glad to announce the commencement of the “Internship / مهنتي” program, which enables school and university students and prepares them to work in the financial sector by providing them with the necessary skills. This is done through providing field training in different sectors according to each student’s specialization, and reflecting the academic information learned on the actual workplace to prepare students to enter the workforce.

Terms and requirements of application:

The student should be a Jordanian citizen

- The student should be actively enrolled at the school/university.

- GPA of 68% or 2.5 and above at university, and 80% or above at school.

- The university student’s specialization must be related to the banking field.

- Passing the interview.

- The students must provide a goal that they would like to achieve during their internship at the Bank.


Required documents and application process:

- A written request by the university or school to provide training to the student.

- An original or certified grade card for the past semester.

- Photo of the ID and the school/university card.

- Following the Bank’s Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages.

- Downloading the application form and filling it out correctly.

- Sending all the above mentioned documents to the following email:

- The Bank will contact all applicants through their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, or at their provided mobile numbers, to notify them of the acceptance or rejection of their application.  


Application Form Click here.