Get a closer look at the e-FAWATEERcom service, for paying your bills anytime, anywhere

With the new e-payment service, e-FAWATEERcom, Bank of Jordan customers can now inquire about their bills and pay them easily and directly from their bank accounts. To benefit from this service, simply, download “BOJ Mobile” App to your smartphone from the "Apple Store" or the "Google Play", and register for the service.


  • A central electronic security system supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan.
  • Customers can inquire about their bills and pay directly and easily through the system.
  • Direct service subscription and signing up for your personal account which will allow you to save your bill information for later payment and review of your previous payments anytime.
  • Save time and effort where the customer can pay the bills around-the-clock (depending on the readiness of the billing company or the governmental entity).
  • The avoidance of any service disconnection due to late payments, since all payments are automatically deducted from your personal account.
  • e-FAWATEERcom service is also available at Bank of Jordan branches for paying customers’ bills in cash or by deducting the amount from your personal account.

Service Registration and Activation:

  • Download the “BOJ Mobile” App to your smartphone from the “Apple Store” or “Google Play”, and activate it by entering your username and password.
  • Choose the e-FAWATEERcom e-payment service from the menu and follow the steps as listed below:
    1. To register, enter the billing number of the bills (beneficiaries) you would like to pay or inquire about or in case you want to benefit from the “PrePaid” service.
      You will be asked to enter the billing number only once for each bill (registered beneficiary) and not every time you pay the bill.
    2. You will be able to view your saved billing numbers (beneficiaries) that you have registered earlier.
    3. If you wish to pay, choose the bill you would like to pay then click on “Pay Bill”.
    4. Choose your account type then enter the bill amount and click “Next” to view the “Confirmation” page.

For biller information please Click here


  • Must have a Bank of Jordan account.
  • Registered in e-FAWATEERcom service.

Subscribe now for the service. For more information, please visit you nearest Bank of Jordan branch or contact our Call Center around the clock at 06 5807777.

*This service is offered under the supervision of the Central Bank of Jordan.