Visa Platinum Credit CardEnjoy greater purchasing power, safer shopping, warranty coverage for purchases made with your card, free access to VIP lounges at international airports and even more exclusive benefits. Read more
Visa Gold and Classic Credit CardsEnjoy the benefits you deserve with Visa Gold and Classic credit cards. Bank of Jordan Gold and classic credit cards give you everything you need wherever you are. Their purchasing power lets you buy...Read more
WebchargeHave you ever wanted to purchase a product online from outside Jordan only to give up on the purchase because of the lack of balance in your card or unavailability of shipping services?Read more
Points Program" The Points Program allows credit card holders to win valuable prizes and enjoy extra benefits using points earned from each purchase they make. "Read more
Discounts Program"Bank of Jordan is pleased to offer the Discounts Program for credit card and Visa Electron card holders. "Read more
Aqsati ProgramWith "Aqsati" service, pay off your purchases in installments when shopping with any of your Visa Credit Cards from Bank of Jordan for your peace of mind. Read more
VBV ServiceSafe, reliable online shopping Verified by Visa: (VBV).Read more
Points and Discounts ApplicationDownload our “Points and Discounts” app. to view the stores at which we reward youRead more