• What types of cards does Bank of Jordan issue?

    Bank of Jordan issues a number of credit cards:
    • World mastercard
    • Platinum Visa cards
    • Gold Visa cards
    • Classic visa cards
    • Debit cards
  • How can I attain a credit card from Bank Of Jordan?

    Simply visit your nearest branch with the following documents and complete a credit card application:
    1. Personal identification documentation (National number or Passport).
    2. Current salary slip.
    3. A bank statement for the last six months.
    4. A copy of your commercial record and work license.
  • What should I do in case of card loss/robbery?

    Immediately call:
    • Your branch
    • Call Center: 00962 6 5807777
    • Stop the card by electronic services
  • What is the minimum amount to open an account with eligibility for winning prizes?

    JD 200 – As the account grows and the deposit period extends, chances of winning cash prizes increase.
  • How can I register for the Bank of Jordan electronic channels?

    If you have a ATM card, you can download the BOJ application or access the Internet through our website, then enter the full 16-digit card number and card PIN, and then create an username and passwod.

  • Will I be charged any commission for ATM cash withdrawals?

    No commission is incurred when using a Bank of Jordan ATM. When withdrawing from any other ATM in the Jordan Visa network (JoNet), a commission between JD 0.5 – JD 1.5 will be charged. For customers of other banks, withdrawing from Bank of Jordan ATMs will incur a JD 1 fee. It is recommended that you avoid using non-Bank of Jordan ATMs.

  • What is required to register for E-Banking services?

    • An activate client relationship with Bank of Jordan.
    • You can apply for e-banking service at your branch if the account is a company or an SME
    • Have a ATM card and self-register by entering your full card number and your card PIN if the account is an individual
  • What is the process of accessing E-Banking services for the first time?

    After completing your application, you will receive the following login credentials:

    Login Password: a password issued by the bank for access to all available services, excluding financial transactions (IVR, E-Banking and Mobile Banking).

    Transaction Password: a password issued by the bank for completing financial transactions such as account transfers, charging cards, paying bills, etc through electronic services (IVR, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking).

    Customer ID: the bank-issued account number for logging in to online services.

    After you receive your credentials, you can access electronic services by:
    1. Entering your Customer ID (account number).
    2. Entering your bank-issued Login Password and personalizing it. This password will be used for future access to electronic services.
    3. If you applied for transaction services, the system will automatically request your Transaction Password and allow you to personalize it. This password will be used for future access to electronic transaction services.
    4. When subscribing for the electronic transfer and payment system, you will be automatically asked to enter the transaction password that you have been assigned by your branch. Change this password to a new one, which you will use for any future transfers or payments through all electronic services (IVR, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking).
    Guidelines for changing your password:
    1. Password must be between 5-8 characters.
    2. Your password must not match your customer ID.
    3. Your login password cannot match your transaction password.
    4. Your password must not contain a consecutive series of numbers.
    5. Your password characters must not all be similar.
    Electronic transfer and payment guidelines:
    1. Limit of transfers per day between your own accounts or any other accounts at Bank of Jordan, with a limit of JD 3,000 per transfer or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
    2. The daily limit to request the issuance of a cheque or transfer to a third party is JD 10,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
    3. Electronic transfers and payments require you to pre-specify a list of beneficiaries, whether applying through a form or through Internet Banking.
    4. Some transfers require specifying your branch number and 16-digit bank account number.
    General guidelines:
    1. In case you forget any of your passwords, please visit your branch as soon as possible to request new passwords.
    2. If an incorrect password is entering 3 times in a row, the service will be automatically suspended. In this case, please visit your branch to be provided with a new password.
    3. Your passwords must not be shared with anyone.
    4. Your passwords must be routinely changed, and the system will ask you to update your password every 3 months.
    Service contacts:
    • Interactive Voice Response Service: You can access this service by calling 00962 6 5807777 from any landline.
    • Internet Banking Service: You can access this service using your internet connection and personal computer at https://secure.bankofjordan.com/T001/channel.jsp or through www.bankofjordan.com.
    • Mobile Banking Service: You can access this service wherever you are through your mobile phone for more
    Service requirements:

    To access Internet Banking, you must use MS Internet Explorer version 5.5 or later.