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BOJ Mobile


Download Bank of Jordan's updated application and enjoy a special banking experience

Accomplish your banking transactions quickly, easily and safely with Bank of Jordan’s improved application that includes several services and benefits especially crafted for you. 


Easy Login

Ability to log in using fingerprint, face ID or password.

Self-registration feature

Ability to enjoy the self-registration feature

SMS service.

Ability to activate and deactivate the SMS service.


Ability to request an electronic Account Statement.

Change registered number

Ability to changing the SMS registered mobile number.

Quick balance

Ability to check the account balance quickly.

Apple Watch

Ability to use the application through Apple Watch

ATM and branch locator feature

Find the nearest branch or ATM easily

Currency exchange rates

Ability to know more about the

Ability to link to other card account.

Pre-paid bills

Ability to register a pre-paid bill

Ability to settle a set of bills

Pay all of your bills at ones

Control you cards

Ability to determine the (credit and debit) cards cash withdrawal and purchase limits

Ability to enjoy the card scanning feature.

Automatic OTP reading

Ability to enjoy the automatic one-time password reading feature.

Cardless and Deposit service without a card at the ATM

Ability to receive notifications.

Ability to activate and deactivate the SMS service.

Customer Onboarding

Now you can open a current or savings account in quick & easy steps

Opening Smart Saver Account

Because we at Bank Of Jordan, value your time, and excel to achieve your goals, we provide you best solutions to have better future, with “Smart Saver” Saving Account

Pay bills by cards (credit and debit)

Sending account information to Social Security

Modify the message number on the (credit and debit )cards

Request to open a deposit account

The ability to view the monthly account statement for accounts and credit cards

The possibility of viewing the full civil card number

CLIQ Service

With BOJ Mobile, you can withdraw Cash from any Bank of Jordan ATM without using a Card
  • Open BOJ Mobile and login 
  • From the accounts screen, click on the ATM icon next to the account you want to withdraw from
  • choose the amount you want to withdraw, provided that it does not exceed 500 dinars per day
  • Choose a password of 6 digits and agree on terms & conditions, then click confirm 
  • You will recieve an SMS with the reference number And then, at the ATM click cardless withdraw button 
  • Enter the refrence number and the password you choosed to complete the process successfully 

Download BOJ Mobile


BOJ Mobile Services:


  • Summary of account balance and transactions.
  • Loan and deposit details.
  • Chequebook request.
  • Account Statement request.
  • Loan installment postponement request.
  • Deposit request.
  • Cardless cash withdrawl
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Opening Smart Saver Account
  • Sending account information to Social Security
  • Deposit calculation by default


  • Summary of card balance and transactions.
  • Instant credit card payment.
  • Activation or deactivation of cards.
  • Pre-paid card balance renewal.
  • E-purchase limit and point redemption possibility identification.
  • Account Statement request.
  • Mobile number amendment.
  • PIN unblocking.
  • Supplementary credit card request.
  • Credit card replacement.
  • Card type or limit modification request.
  • Wearable credit card request.
  • Supplementary debit card request.
  • Debit card replacement.
  • Pre-paid wearable card request.
  • Pre-paid card request.
  • Pre-paid card replacement.
  • Pay bills.
  • Modify the message number on the credit and debit card.
  • The possibility of linking the dollar account to the ATM.
  • The possibility of unblocking the ATM card
  • Show the credit card PIN
  • Add a PIN code number


  • Own account transfer.
  • In-BOJ account transfer.
  • Local and international bank transfer.
  • Transfer standing orders issuance.
  • CLIQ


  • Ability to pay post-paid and pre-paid bills.
  • Ability to add bills.

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