(Amman – October 2019) Driven by Bank of Jordan’s interest in promoting a culture of early learning for children and supporting interactive learning implemented by the Children’s Museum through delivering science to children seamlessly and in a fun way, the Bank provided its support for the international science fair: “Gastronaut: Adventures in Food” by the British artist Stefan Gates, that was held on Friday and Saturday 18-19 October 2019 at Al Hussein Cultural Center Theatre – Ras Al Ain.

The shows included many scientific concepts presented by the artist Stefan in a simplified yet interesting way, through chemical experiments, physical tricks, and innovative presentations on food and fluid dynamics. A group of children and their families were kept entertained in an interactive learning environment.

The scientific show is one of the activities presented under the patronage of Bank of Jordan for 2019 and in partnership with the Children's Museum which embodies the Bank's strategic objectives in supporting the education sector.