As part of Bank of Jordan’s efforts to remain at the forefront of community events around Jordan, it has sponsored workshops titled “Inspired by Cultural Heritage” implemented by the Petra National Trust (PNT). Cultural heritage specific to Petra was discussed including sculpting, molding, coloring, and artistic productions related to cultural history. Sculpting is considered to an extremely important hand craft that the Nabataeans were famous for.

The project aims to enable and assist youth in local communities to build their capacity, and hone their skills. Additionally, this project will help develop sources of income that achieve a balance between economic and touristic development as well as conserve Petra’s rich history. During the 2019 winter break, two workshops were held for schools surrounding Petra, taught by specialized trainers from the (PNT).

This sponsorship is in line with the Bank’s values of upholding social responsibility and community service. This contributes towards achieving local social development and its flourishing. It also emphasizes the Bank’s approach towards investing in Jordan’s local community and their activities, and contribute towards non-profit organizations and the work they do.