(Amman –November 2016)  Bank of Jordan (BOJ) received the Best Bank Loyalty Program Award for 2016 during a ceremony organized by Emerging Markets Payments Jordan (EMP).
The Central Bank of Jordan along with several local banks took part in the event sponsored by local and international online payment and credit cards providers.

The award is in recognition of the Bank's distinguished customer loyalty programs, launched in 2013, which rewards customers upon receiving any banking product or service, and upon using credit cards.
 Under the same programs, the Bank launched the "Points and Discounts" mobile application, the first such service in the Kingdom. The application enables credit card users to view nearby stores where they can enjoy discounts and redeem their points with valuable rewards. The new service seeks to encourage wider use of credit cards, following a global trend of moving towards cashless transactions.

The award attests to BOJ's quest for excellence realized through developing innovative solutions that respond to ever- changing market and customer requirements, and through embracing new technology and business trends.