(September - 2019) Based on Bank of Jordan's interest in promoting the culture of early learning and the use of innovative teaching methods to promote savvy and creative thinking, the Bank provided its support for the scientific show (Way and Stars), which was held on Saturday, 7/8/2019 at the Children's Museum, as part of the Bank's partnership with the museum, supporting the “Open Days” program for the tenth year in a row, which is the most popular program at the museum.

The event was attended by a group of children in an entertaining, interactive, and educational environment, where they were introduced to activities on the components of the stars, where they generate energy, why they exist in different colors, and other topics. At the end of the show, Bank of Jordan presented gifts to the children to encourage them to participate in such interactive learning activities.

The scientific presentation is one of the activities presented under the patronages of the Bank of Jordan for 2019 and in partnership with the Children's Museum of Jordan, which embodies the Bank's strategic objectives in the service of the community, which prioritizes the education sector.