(Amman – February 2019) Bank of Jordan recently held a draw for the monthly saving’s account worth a quarter million Jordanian dinars. Mrs. Sahar al-Deek, whose saving account is at Rsaifeh branch.

An employee of the Bank called to inform her that she has won the weekly prize worth 1000JDs and asked her to visit the headquarters to collect the reward. As usual, a group of Bank Of Jordan employees were prepared to surprise the client informing her she is in fact the 16th winner of a quarter million JODs, in a festive environment. The winner expressed her happiness and gratitude to Bank of Jordan for their excellent service and the opportunities they present to their clients, she also encouraged everyone to participate by opening a savings account at Bank of Jordan.

Through this award, Bank of Jordan aims to encourage existing clients to deposit money into their accounts to increase their chance of winning, along with encouraging new clients to open savings accounts at any branch so that they can enter the daily and monthly saving accounts draws offered.