(Amman - July 2019) Bank of Jordan renewed its promotional campaign for the largest monthly savings account prize in Jordan amounting to a quarter million JD to one winner in its new form and design in order to increase the awareness of customers about the importance of saving and encouraging them to manage their money correctly, in a way that will maximize the benefits for them and their families.


Noting that the draw for the monthly prize will be the largest at the level of all branches of the bank throughout the Kingdom, with the value of a quarter million JD to one winner, in addition to the draw on the daily prize value of (1000) JD. Sanabel Children's Savings accounts are also participating in the draw to win the grand prize, daily prizes, and many other rewards for children.


Through this campaign, the Bank seeks to encourage its existing customers to feed their accounts balances to increase the chance of winning, also to encourage new customers to open savings accounts at any branch of the Bank to be able to enter the daily draws and the largest monthly prize for one winner throughout Jordan.