Corporate Social Responsibility

Bank of Jordan continued to act responsibly and give back to the community, extending cash and other assistance to various community-based organizations, charities, and voluntary associations in support of educational, health, cultural, social, and sports activities.  

  • Education

Believing that investing in education is a crucial investment in the Kingdom’s future, the Bank pressed ahead with its long-standing policy of supporting educational initiatives. Thus, it continued its strategic partnership with the Children’s Museum for the ninth consecutive year. Under the arrangement, children and their parents enjoy free access to the facility on the first Friday of each month.

It also supported Elia Nuqul Foundation through the “Personal Leadership Program” designed for students who are eligible for undergraduate scholarships. Moreover, the Bank funded several scholarships in cooperation with various national institutions. Furthermore, Bank of Jordan assisted with the renovation and expansion costs of the Admission and Registration Unit at the University of Jordan. The Bank also helped researchers and students, providing them with the information they need to complete their studies.

  • The Environment

On the environment front, the Bank supported King Hussein Bin Talal Cultural Initiative that seeks to encourage people to read and help find job opportunities for the unemployed. It was also one of the sponsors of the First Jordanian International Agricultural Forum organized by the Ministry of Agriculture. And for the fifth year in a row, the Bank supported a tree-planting campaign organized by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. The initiative, under which 500 citrus trees were planted, aims to help impoverished families in the Jordan Valley secure a source of income. This in addition to supporting initiatives by the Petra National Trust Association for workshops titled " inspired by cultural heritage".

  • Sports

In sports, the Bank sponsored Jordanian runner Nabil Maqableh to help the athlete participate in various local and international competitions and training camps. Assistance was also provided to the Jordan Football Association whereby tickets were purchased for underprivileged students to give them the chance to attend the 2018 AFC Women’s Asian Cup held in Jordan in April 2018. Moreover, Bank of Jordan helped the Jordanian Club for the Deaf organize a football championship and participated in the Amman Baccalaureate School Marathon as a gold sponsor.

  • Conferences

The Bank sponsored several conferences in 2018; it participated in the 9th International Conference of the Royal Medical Services and Jordan Health Exhibition as a silver sponsor. It served as a gold sponsor for the first Engineering Consultative Week - organized by the Jordan Engineers Association - and for the Sixth General Conference of Arab Union of Electricity.

Bank of Jordan- Bahrain took part in the Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Conference as a bronze sponsor. The sponsorship of the event, held in Saudi Arabia, falls under efforts aimed to improve the bank’s presence and ties with key players in the capital market.

  • National Initiatives, Charities, and Humanitarian Organizations

Also in 2018, the Bank continued to support families of martyrs from the Jordan Armed Forces and security apparatus who served and died for their country.

Other institutions that received financial Aid from the Bank in 2018 include Palestine International Institute through support its annual event and other medical initiatives that seek to extend medical support to Palestinians. This is in addition to supporting the Society for the Care of Gifted Autistic Children, the Chechen and Circassian societies and Princess Taghreed Institute for Development and Training.

Iftar banquets were hosted for orphans during the month of Ramadan and food parcels were distributed to the underprivileged. The Bank also supported the White Beds Society, helping them to continue to care for senior citizens. It joined hands with the Jordan Armed Forces to organize a mass wedding. Furthermore, BoJ supported MAP solidarity campaign for the second year in a row and other initiatives launched by the Welfare Association such as Cycling for Palestine. As for cultural activities, the Bank sponsored an exhibition to celebrate renowned Jordanian painter Muhanna Durra organized by the Royal Society of Fine Arts.