Bank of Jordan banking products, provided by the Corporate Business Development Department at the bank, are distinguished by diversification and comprehensiveness. Among these services are all types of bank guarantees, namely: tender, performance, maintenance, customs, shipping and payment.

What is meant by bank guarantees?

They are letters of undertakings given by the bank at the request of its clients for a specific purpose and to specific beneficiaries. Guarantees include those for participating in a tender as well as guarantees for performance and customs, etc. The pledge entails payment a certain amount to the order of the beneficiary if the guaranteed party does not abide by the purpose specified in the guarantee within a period that ends upon the expiry of the guarantee.

Advantages of the bank guarantee service at Bank of Jordan:

  • Competitive commission for issuing guarantees
  • Quick processing of transactions and issuing of guarantees
  • Issuing all kinds of guarantees according to your needs
  • Possibility of easy and quick renewal of guarantees

Beneficiaries from the bank guarantee service:

  • All corporates of whatever activity and line of business
  • All public and private corporations

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