The bonded service is considered one of the specialized services provided by Bank of Jordan to its corporate clients so they can obtain a certain liquidity percentage of the value of their stored goods. As such, clients are able to secure needed liquidity required by their activities and businesses.

What is the overdraft/bonded?

It is a form of credit facilities that enables industrial or commercial corporates to obtain liquidity through financing a portion of the working capital in order to fund the imported goods stored at the bonded. This transaction involves extending the client a certain ceiling to be specified after examining his/her needs. Interest is calculated on the outstanding balance and not the ceiling, which is renewed annually.

Advantages of the overdraft/bonded at Bank of Jordan:

  • Provides clients with financing against the goods stored in the bonded as security
  • Competitive interest rates and commission
  • Easy and quick processing of transactions

Beneficiaries from the overdraft/bonded:

  • All corporates of whatever activity and line of business
  • All public and private corporations

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