Call Center and Phone Banking.

Bank of Jordan provides Contact Center and Phone Banking services with the highest technical standards. Our valued customers are able to conduct a host of banking services 24/7 without the need to refer to branches. By calling 06-5807777, and then entering your card number along with its PIN, you can directly obtain many banking services. You can also speak to our Contact Center representative anytime.

Phone Banking Services include:
Getting the balance of all accounts (Current, Saving, Deposit, Loans, Certificate of Deposit).

Account Services include:

  • Account Balance
  • Last 5 transactions
  • Statement Account request by mail or email
  • Chequebook Request

Cards Services include:

  • Suspend any of your Debit card or credit cards
  • View credit card information
  • View last 5 transactions on credit card
  • Activate credit cards
  • Credit card statement request by mail or email
  • Credit card payment

 Fund Transfers and Bills payments include:
First: Transfer Services:

  • Transfers among same customer's accounts
  • Transfers to a beneficiary inside Bank of Jordan
  • Transfers to beneficiaries outside Bank of Jordan (it requires preregistration of beneficiary in branch or via Contact Center)

Second: Bill Payment Service:

  • Electricity company bill payment
  • Miyahuna company bill payment
  • Zain Mobile bill payment
  • Orange bill payment (mobile, fixed line, and internet)

Listening to general information about the Bank, FX rates and branch and ATM locations.

Call Center Services include:

  • Inquiries about all accounts (current, saving, loans, deposits, certificates, etc.)
  • Inquiries about transactions done on accounts
  • Account balance statement
  • Inquiries about credit card information
  • Credit card transactions statement
  • Transfer between your personal accounts
  • Credit Cards payments
  • Suspend any of your cards
  • Loans calculator
  • Chequebook request
  • Credit card request
  • Recurrent instructions requests
  • Internet Banking and cards' PIN reissue request
  • Card replacement request
  • Change deposit interest account request
  • Change deposit instructions request
  • Customer address update request
  • Beneficiary adding request for external transfers
  • Receive and handle all complaints/ suggestions about our products and services