Our long and extensive experience has positioned us among the leading banks operating in Jordan in terms of opening all sorts of letters of credit. Through a specialized team of employees, who are qualified in this field, the Bank is ready to provide you with advice regarding import/export operations concerning your businesses. Such professionalism will undoubtedly ensure that your imported goods remain safe and in compliance with the required specifications.

What is meant by a letter of credit?

It is a transaction whereby the Bank, at the request of importing clients, submits undertakings to external exporters to pay the value of the imported goods according to specifications requested by the buyer. Letters of credit are of several types depending on the method of payment either at sight or deferred.

Advantages of opening letters of credit at Bank of Jordan

  • Specialized and qualified team of employees to guarantee the rights of clients
  • Competitive rates for issuing letters of credit
  • Easy and quick processing

Beneficiaries from the letters of credit service

  • All entities that handle commercial operations (import and export) of whatever activity or line of business
  • Entrepreneurs who own businesses in industrial and commercial vocations
  • Persons who deal in export/import businesses

Commercial Services Centers at Bank of Jordan

To upgrade the level of services provided to small and medium-size enterprises and to speed up the processing of transactions at the highest degree of professionalism, Bank of Jordan has established 11 specialized centers across the Kingdom.

The locations are as follows:

  • Shmeisani      
  • Mecca Street    
  • Gardens     
  • Al Rawnaq
  • First Circle     
  • Al Hussein      
  • Aqaba        
  • Qweismeh                     
  • Marka       
  • Zarqa          
  • Irbid