The Business and Information Technology sectors are considered advanced sectors in Jordan, hence all companies need office assets inorder to carry on their various activities.

Advantages of leasing for office equipment and furniture:

  • Possibility of financing all office related equipment, including computers and engineering supplies
  • Reliance on the leased asset as a basic security and a source for repayment
  • Possibility of fixed leasing return
  • Easy and quick processing of transactions
  • Flexibility for leasing installments

Steps of leasing for office equipment and furniture:

  1. Choose the asset you wish to purchase from the seller.
  2. Submit an application to the Leasing Department at Bank of Jordan to buy the asset.
  3. When the application is approved, the bank will buy the asset you chose from the seller and lease it to you upon signing a leasing contract that specifies the monthly leasing installment.
  4. After settling all leasing installments and other obligations related to the leasing contract, the bank will transfer the ownership of the asset to your name in accordance with the purchase option you chose at the beginning of the leasing contract.

For more information please contact us on the following Leasing Department contact details:

  • Jordan - Amman - Mecca Street - Alhisseini complex-Building number 164 - first floor
  • Phone: (+962 65542697)
  • Fax: (+962 65542698)
  • E-mail: