E-commerce is easier than ever with Bank of Jordan cards (credit card and MasterCard debit / ATM card), because we are automatically registering our customers' cards with OTP (one-time password), which will reach your mobile phone when it is requested from the registered website that you are shopping from.

Easy and secure steps

To securely complete your online shopping, simply follow the below steps:

  1. When completing a purchase, enter your card details on the desired website.
  2. You will be directed to the Bank of Jordan verification page, where the OTP will be requested instead of your credit card password.

At this moment, you will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.
Enter your OTP and click on submit.

Frequently asked questions    

  • How do I register for the Mastercard Identity Check service and the Verified by Visa (VBV) service?

- All Bank of Jordan card holders will be automatically registered in this service.

  • What if I do not receive the OTP when requested?

In case you do not receive the OTP within 120 seconds, you can request another OTP by pressing the "Resend" button as the below screenshot: 

After receiving your OTP which was requested a second time, you will receive the below message:

  •  What should I do if I do not receive the OTP after several requests?

- If you do not receive the OTP after three attempts, you will receive the below message. In this case, please call our contact center 065807777 to ensure your mobile number is registered with us.


  • What should I do if I enter an incorrect OTP?

- If entering an incorrect OTP, the below screen will appear. Proceed by checking the OTP and re-enter it. 

You can also cancel the operation by clicking on the “Cancel” button. You will then see the below screen:

How will a supplementary cardholder use this service when shopping online?

- If you are a supplementary cardholder, you will receive the OTP to the mobile number registered to the supplementary card. 

- For MasterCard debit / ATM cards, the OTP password will be sent to the mobile phone number registered on the banking system.

What are the parameters for using this service?

- The daily usage limit on e – commerce for debit cards is up to 500 JOD , taking into consideration the   available amount on the linked account and the limit of the transactions is not less than 500 JD’S and unlimited number of transactions. 

- You can use your credit card online according to the credit available in the card or according to the limit you set.


Can the customer adjust the spending limit and the number of transactions?

You can call the contact center at any time to request lowering or canceling the spend limit. Similarly, you can also request to reactivate or increase the spend limit. As for the credit card holders, they can adjust or change their limits using the BOJ Mobile.


Is Mail Order activated automatically?

No, only the internet limit is activated automatically, but you can activate the Mail Order limit by communicating with the contact center.