Apply for your personal loan from Bank of Jordan now to make your dreams come true

“Al HAL” Personal Loan will help you achieve your dreams by offering you a competitive interest rate loan starting from a decreasing rate of 6.26%.


• Competitive reducing interest rate starting at 6.26%.

• Loan limit up to 70,000 JOD, with easy installments up to 96 months.

• Possibility of postponing your installments.

• Life insurance.

• A pre-approved credit card is exempt from issuance fees.

• The possibility of granting personal loans mortgage of the real state / car at competitive interest rates.

• Possibility to purchase existing loans from other banks, with exemption from grant commission.


• The program includes resident Jordanians: public sector employees, retirees, military personnel, the private sector, international workers and Professionals.

• Loan applicant must be at least 21 years old, and must not to exceed 70 years at the expiration of the loan

• Salary transfer to the bank.

• A one-time only 1% commission to be charged in advance.

Required Documents:

• Valid identification document.

• Original bank statement for the last 6 months.

• Proof of income.

• Documents related to the real estate / car in cases where grants are secured by mortgage of a real estate / car.

• Any additional documents that the Credit Company may need

Apply for your personal loan now. For more information, please visit your nearest branch or or call our 24-hour call center at 065807777.


**Bank terms and conditions apply.