Bank of Jordan credit cards distinguish you from automatic subscription to the points program, through which points can be earned and accumulated through purchases made on point of sale devices from all over the world, and can be exchanged through the BOJ Mobile app.

How to earn points:

The Bank of Jordan credit card is granted a number of free points when the card is issued according to its type, and points can also be earned and accumulated when buying through the credit card on point of sale devices, as the table below shows how to earn points and the number of free points for each card:

Card Type


Number of free points when the card is issued

World Master Card

1 point for every 5 JOD spent

50 points

Platinum Visa

1 point for every 7 JOD spent

30 points

Gold Visa

1 point for every 10 JOD spent

20 points

Wearable Pay

1 point for every 15 JOD spent


Junior 1 point for every 15 JOD spent  -


In addition:

  • Points are calculated on the value of one purchase transaction, and new points are added to your previous points balance.
  • You can add credit points for your dependent card that has a separate ceiling to your main card balance.
  • Points can be redeemed to pay the card renewal fee, as follows:
    Visa Gold Renewal Fee = 200 points
    Platinum Visa Renewal Fee = 500 points
    World Master Card Renewal Fee = 750 points


How to find out point balance / exchange them:

The point balance collected on your credit card can be found and exchanged on the BOJ Mobile app.


Terms of the program:

  • The minimum amount of exchangeable points is 400 points.
  • The maximum value for prizes for one year is 2,500 JOD
  • How to calculate the value of accumulated points is 1 JOD for every 12.5 points.
  • Points earned on gas station purchases, ministries, and government departments are excluded.

This program is subject to the terms and conditions of the bank and the bank has the right to amend the program without prior notice. For further inquiries, you can speak with our staff around the clock via the Call Center at 06 5807777