Sanabel Savings Account 2020

We invest in their future with the Sanabel savings accounts with the highest return rates and the best prizes.

Open or feed a Sanabel savings account for the opportunity to win quality and valuable prizes, in addition to the opportunity to enter the prize draw for savings accounts.

Sanabel Savings Account Prizes for 2020

  • Electronic devices: 6 winners monthly
  • School installments: 15 winners in the month of June, and 15 winners in the month of December
  • Entering the daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and year-end savings account prizes.
  • A pre-approved credit card for the parent, with a limit of 200 JOD.
  • Competitive annual return rates and incentive of up to 20% on the average balance and commitment period

Return Rate

Commitment period / year

















Terms & Conditions:

  • Sanabel Savings Accounts for children under 18 years old.
  • The minimum balance when opening an account or transferring it from a savings account to a Sanabel account is 200 JOD.
  • The minimum amount transferred or deposited in the account is 25 JOD per month.
  • The maximum limit of the average monthly balance that enters calculating the return rate is 50,000 JOD.
  • Monthly payments are made via a cash deposit in the account or monthly checks or free fixed instructions to the child’s account.
  • The customer can increase the deposited / transferred monthly payment to the account.
  • Cash withdrawals are allowed over the counter, according to the following conditions:
    - Add to the account balance at the end of the month with a minimum of 25 JOD.
    - The balance should not be less than 200 JOD.
  • In the event that the account balance does not grow at the end of the month from its beginning with a minimum of 25 JOD, the account is not entered into the prize draws, and the customer is granted a grace period until the end of the next month, after which a 5 JOD fine will be charged.
  • If the period exceeds 3 months, the account is automatically exited from the program, and an early closing fee of 25 JOD is charged to the client.
  • Sanabel renews the savings account automatically and routinely.

Required Documents:

  • Valid ID of the parent
  • Valid ID of the child

*Subject to the terms and conditions of the bank.