Short messaging service (SMS)

This service enables you to stay directly informed about financial entries on your account as they occur, through short messages on your mobile. You can also specify the messages you would like to receive as following:

  • Deduction of a loan or its predecessor
  • Internal transfer to other accounts
  • Canceling a cashier
  • Cancel ATM withdrawals
  • Deposit renewal.
  • Incoming check
  • Convert electronic channels
  • Pay a credit card
  • Deposit a check
  • Canceling a cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Visa Electron card transactions
  • Incoming transfer.
  • Cash withdrawal Cheque.
  • Salary.
  • Pay monthly installments - advances and loans
  • Account statement or exceeding account or morning balance.
  • Cashier transactions
  • Cash deposit - cashier
  • Cancel cash withdrawal
  • Bounced cheque.
  • Standing order.
  • Cash deposit
  • Paying visa withdrawals
  • One time password.
  • Transfer from other accounts
  • Electronic transfer from other accounts with the bank

The SMS service is provided free of charge. With the exception of some non-financial messages (morning balance, account statement, renewal deposit), which cost 0.030 JD per message.