Welcome to the latest payment method, Wearable Pay 

Using your credit card through the smart bracelet from Bank of Jordan




1. The safest, easiest and quickest way to pay

2. Controlled spending and payment limits, noting that the maximum limit for each purchase is JD 55

3. Enjoying multiple smart bracelets for the same credit card

4. Using the smart bracelet to make worldwide payments through Contactless payment devices at points of sale

How to assemble it

Remove the small card from the bigger one. 
Insert the small card into the special socket at the backside of your Wpay band, making sure that the 4-digit number is visible.
Activate your card by visiting any Bank of Jordan branch or call our contact center.

How to use the bracelet

1. Make sure to find the Contactless logo on the points of sale payment devices

2. Pass the smart bracelet over the point of sale device

3. Wait for the beep or green light as a sign of the payment completion


Now you have easily and successfully completed your purchase!

Enjoy special discounts from shops, restaurants, and cafés upon paying, when using your wPay smart bracelet. For more info.

To check some of the sites that offer the contactless feature please click here

To order your bracelet, please visit any Bank of Jordan branch or call our contact center at 06 580 7777.