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Commercial Banking

A trusted advisor for your business.
BOJ Commercial Bank is the ideal partner to help your business grow domestically and internationally. At BOJ, we put your business at the center of everything we do.

Why choose BOJ Commercial Bank?

  • Your business priorities are our priorities
  • Our leading industry experts have a track record of helping businesses succeed
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers bring you insight tailored to your business
  • Our flexible financing structure can help meet your short and long-term needs
  • Benefit from the full range of BOJ’s capabilities and global network
  • Enjoy professional solutions tailored to your objectives

A banking relationship built on the right foundations:

  • Unparalleled Insight

A dedicated team of relationship managers is ready to assist you to meet your goals. BOJ experts are happy to offer their deep and exceptional industry knowledge and market insights to support your business.

  • Targeted solutions

BOJ offers commercial customers sophisticated solutions designed to help their businesses succeed and prosper.

  • Extended network

Our local and global network of experts and specialists will guide you toward the results you want to see.

 What are commercial customers get from us:

At BOJ, you gain a trusted adviser. We support your success by:

  • Understanding your industry
  • Sharing the knowledge we have gained over decades of commercial banking
  • Putting BOJ’s capabilities at your disposal
  • Learning all about your business: your strategy, your priorities, your goals
  • Bringing you fresh and innovative ideas
  • Tailoring our solutions to meet your objectives
  • Serving you with guaranteed excellence and professionalism

For more information, please contact our business centers at the following numbers:

BOJ Center





06 5674501

06 5609200

Amman- Alshmesani –abed alhamid sharaf

Mecca street

06 5859335

06 5859283

Amman - abdallah ghosha


06 5626704

06 5688361

Amman - wasfi altal street (Gardens)

Al Rawnaq

06 5829042

06 5852443

Amman – Waheb Al Afyouni Street

First circle

06 4638136

06 4614543

Amman - First circle


03 2013787

03 2013789

Aqaba – tunisian baths street

Jabal Al Hussein

06 4610264

06 4610205

Amman – Feras alajlouni martyr circle

Al Quasmeh

06 4765236

06 4789509

Amman – abed alkareem alhadeed street


06 4886993

06 4886996

Amman –king abdulla street


05 3931232

05 3931236

Zarqa – king hussain street


02 7250169

02 7254156

Irbid – Baghdad street