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Commercial Promissory Notes

Bank of Jordan offers its corporate clients the service of discounting commercial promissory notes. This service, characterized by different advantages and ceilings depending on the notes resulting from corporate commercial transactions, is subject to various conditions and benefits to be agreed upon between the bank and the customer.

What is meant by discounting commercial bills or promissory notes?

This transaction comes up when the bank extends the client a ceiling to discount endorsed commercial promissory notes that result from real commercial dealings. This ceiling is renewed annually and interests as well as commissions are charged in advance upon each discount transaction. An agreement between the bank and the customer determines the repayment in installments according to the due date of the discounted bills.

Advantages of discounting commercial promissory notes at Bank of Jordan:

  • Ceiling that corresponds with the volume of your business
  • Easy and quick procedures of discounting
  • Competitive interest rates and commission

Beneficiaries from the commercial promissory notes:

  • All corporates of whatever activity and line of business
  • All public and private corporations

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