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Rental Loan Product


Clients (Individuals and Companies) of different economic sectors through granting financing on the strength of rents (commercial and residential) for properties rented for each any of the following entities :

  • Banks (except for Lebanese banks).
  • Governmental institutions.
  • Embassies and diplomatic missions.
  • International institutions.
  • Telecommunication companies.
  • International companies operating in Jordan.

Interest rate: Interest rate is equivalent to 9% + 1% commission.

Financing ceiling: Up to (500,000 JD).

Percentage of Financing: 90% of the remaining rental value as per the lease contract.

Loan Term: Repayment period is the remaining of the lease term is (or) 10 years, whichever is less.


  • Mortgaging the property (the source of the rental value) in favor of Bank of Jordan in the first degree, equivalent to the value of the loan granted.
  • Presenting a legal “Notarized right transfer “to transfer the rental value in favor of Bank of Jordan.

Documents required:

  • Valid national ID.
  • Company documents (Certificate of registration, valid vocational license).
  • Copy of the valid lease agreement.
  • Property documents (real estate registration deed and site plan).

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BOJ CenterPhoneAddress
Alshmesani06 5609200Amman- Alshmesani –Abed Alhamid Sharaf
Mecca street06 5859283Amman - Abdallah Ghosha
Gardens06 5688361Amman - Wasfi Altal Street (Gardens)
Al Rawnaq06 5852443Amman – Waheb Al Afyouni Street
First circle06 4614543Amman - First Circle
Aqaba03 2013789Aqaba – Tunisian Baths Street
Al Quasmeh06 4789509Amman – Abed Alkareem Alhadeed Street
Marka06 4886996Amman –king Abdulla Street
Zarqa05 3931236Zarqa – king Hussain Street
Irbid02 7254156Irbid – Baghdad Street
Jubeiha 06 5609200 Yajouz Street 30, Jubeiha, Al-Zaytouna District