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Bonded Services

With a long history of supporting businesses, Bank of Jordan offers corporations the possibility of obtaining additional liquidity as a percentage of their stored goods to support business activities and operations.

Product Description

Bonded services are credit facilities offered by Bank of Jordan to industrial or commercial corporations to provide them with the additional liquidity they may need to fund imported goods. The financing is granted against goods stored in a bonded warehouse.  

The additional capital is obtained by extending the client’s overdraft ceiling based on an assessment of the company’s needs. The ceiling is renewed annually while interest fees are imposed on the outstanding balance.


  • Financing against goods stored in a bonded warehouse as security
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Streamlined and quick processes and transactions

Eligible clients

  • Corporations operating in all sectors
  • All private and public corporations

For additional information, please contact us at:
Bank of Jordan – Head Office – Amman
Tel: +962 6 580 7776
E-mail: [email protected]