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e-FAWATEERcom Service


Get a closer look at the e-FAWATEERcom service to help you pay your bills anytime, anywhere

With the new e-payment service, e-FAWATEERcom, the Bank of Jordan customers can now inquire about and pay their bills easily and directly from their bank accounts. To benefit from this service, simply download the BOJ Mobile application to your smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play, and register to start receiving the service.


  • Ability to benefit from a central electronic security system supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan.
  • Ability to inquire about and settle any accrued bills directly and easily through the system.
  • Ability to ensure direct service subscription and account sign-up, thus allowing you to save your bill information for later payment purposes and review of your previous payments anytime.
  • Ability to save time and effort; all bills could be settled 24/7 through the system (depending on the readiness of the billing company and governmental entity).
  • Ability to settle a set of bills.
  • e-FAWATEERcom is available at all Bank of Jordan branches to help you pay your bills in cash or by deducting their amount from your personal account.
  • e-FAWATEERcom is available across the Bank of Jordan ATM network.
  • e-FAWATEERcom is available on the Online Banking platform at both the corporate levels.
  • e-FAWATEERcom is available on the BOJ Mobile

Service Registration:

  • Download the BOJ Mobile application to your smartphone from the Apple Store or Google Play, and ensure activation thereof by entering your username and password.
  • Choose the e-FAWATEERcom e-payment service from the menu, and follow the steps as listed below:
    1. Enter the Billing Number of the bills you would like to pay or inquire about, or through which you would like to benefit from the pre-paid service (Registration will only be required once for each bill (registered beneficiary)).
    2. You will be able to view your saved billing numbers (beneficiaries) that you have previously registered.
    3. If you wish to proceed with the payment, choose the bill you would like to settle, then click on “Pay Bill”.
    4. Choose your account type, then enter the bill amount and click on “Next” to access the “Confirmation” page.
    5. The possibility of paying the invoice value by credit card.

* This service is available through the Online Banking platform at both the retail and corporate levels.


  • To have a BOJ account.


  1. Direct Payment through e-FAWATEERcom:

e-FAWATEERcom allows you to settle your bills through direct payment, by entering your International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The amount will be subsequently deducted directly from your account without the imposition of any additional commissions.

Payment Method:

  1. Enter the e-FAWATEERcom website.
  2. Select the biller and bill type.
  3. Enter subscription number and amount.
  4. Select the direct payment method.
  5. Enter the 30-digit IBAN.
  6. Enter the verification code sent to your registered telephone number.

  1. Payment of BOJ Card Installments through e-FAWATEERcom:

Bank of Jordan has been included in the billers' list, thus allowing you to pay your due card amounts through all of the e-FAWATEERcom-supporting channels (either through other bank accounts or through the e-FAWATEERcom website).

Payment Method:

  1. The customer logs into e-FAWATEERcom through other bank channels or its website.
  2. The customer selects Bank of Jordan as the biller.
  3. The customers selects to pay through the BOJ credit card.
  4. The customer enters the card Reference Number.
  5. The system refunds the due amount value.
  6. The customer approves payment.
  7. The amount is immediately transferred to card.