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Contact Center and IVR


Bank of Jordan provides Contact Center and Phone Banking services of the highest technical standards to meet our valued customers' banking needs, thus allowing them to conduct a host of banking transactions 24/7 without the need to submit any request or refer to branches. By calling 06 5807777 and entering your ATM debit card number along with its PIN, you can directly benefit from many banking services through the Phone Banking feature. You can also speak to our Contact Center representative at any given time.

First: Phone Banking Services:

  • Inquire about all account balances.
  • Learn more about the last five account transactions.
  • Request an Account Statement.
  • Request a chequebook.
  • Ensure BOJ own account transfers.
  • Suspend any cards.
  • Learn more about the credit card (i.e. limit, balance, expiry date).
  • Learn more about the last five credit card transactions.
  • Activate the credit card.
  • Request a credit card statement.
  • Ensure settlement of credit card payments.
  • Learn more about the latest offerings.

Second: Call Center Services:

  • Inquire about your account balances (i.e. current and saving accounts, loans, deposits, certificates of deposit, etc.).
  • Inquire about your account transactions.
  • Request an Account Statement (i.e. of accounts and cards).
  • Inquire about credit card balances.
  • Inquire about your card transactions.
  • Ensure own account transfers.
  • Ensure settlement of credit card payments.
  • Suspend any of your cards.
  • Make use of the Loan Calculator feature.
  • Request a chequebook.
  • Request a credit card.
  • Ensure implementation of recurrent instructions.
  • Request the re-issuance of Internet Banking and card PIN.
  • Request a card replacement.
  • Request the change of deposit interest account.
  • Request the change of deposit instructions.
  • Open a bank account via ZOOM.
  • Opening an additional account by the telephone service center
  • The ability to block debit and credit cards at the same moment
  • Request to subscribe to the e-mail service
  • Clearance application and letter of obligations
  • Installment movements on the credit card
  • Receive, handle and follow up on all complaints, comments and suggestions related to our products and services.
  • Possibility to unblock credit and debit card.