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Mihnati Internship Program

Mihnati internship program was established in 2018 as part of Bank of Jordan’s commitment to empower youth in Jordan and prepare a generation that contributes to the advancement of the banking sector in Jordan.

Interns at Mihnati program will be working in a culture that sets them on the right path to success by exposing them to real life work experiences that will enrich their knowledge and employability skills and make them ready to take their first career steps after graduation


University Students (Year 3&4)

High School Students (Grade 11&12)

Interns must be actively enrolled at the school/university and must be in good standing in terms of academic performance (above average)

Departments / Focus Areas:

Interns can choose one of the below departments to complete their internship period:

    Gain practical knowledge in the processes and procedures related to performance management. You will have the opportunity to perform various administrative tasks to support our HR department’s daily activities
    Get involved in discovering risks in networks, software systems, and data centers with ongoing vulnerability scans and monitoring network data.
    Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis to support customer experience improvement.
    Contribute to software design and software development; collaborate with other team members in creating secure and reliable software solutions.
    Get involved in collecting data and information to conduct research related to the corporate and commercial business sector, financial analysis, and retention studies.
    Conduct data analysis, assisting with brainstorming sessions on existing projects and figuring out gaps through market gap analysis and market research.
    Manipulate, visualize, and extract data using different tools; Build visuals, charts, and web-based applications. Make analysis more accessible for risk-based decision making.

    University students are encouraged to choose a department related to their areas of study.  High school students are encouraged to choose a departments related to their areas of interest.

    Application process:

    Eligible and excited? Apply Here 

    All applications must include a:

    • CV
    • Request from university / school (if applicable)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):