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Bank of Jordan concludes its Ramadan 2022 charitable programs

Date: 09/05/2022

(Amman, Jordan, 9 May 2022): Concluding its social and community programs for the holy month of Ramadan 2022, the Bank of Jordan implemented several programs in cooperation with civil society organizations to support their work and help achieve their mission by supporting the less fortunate, to continue fulfilling the bank's commitment to social solidarity and the sense of citizenship shared by the bank's family of management and employees who take part in these initiatives.

Bank of Jordan supported "Draw a Smile” initiative launched by the Haya Cultural Center, which hosted a Ramadan Iftar for 100 children from charitable organizations, in addition to holding an Iftar banquet at the Children's Museum, one of the non-profit educational institutions of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, for 150 children, as part of a series of activities carried out by the bank during the holy month.

The Iftars reflected the bank's care for young orphans and its keenness to offer them opportunities to spend and enjoy a great time in Ramadan, as they are an integral part of Jordan's large family.

In what has become an annual tradition, the bank distributed food parcels and iftar meals during the month of Ramadan, catering to the needs of people in Al-Karak governorate, particularly beneficiaries of the Jordan Society for Social Development and Productivity, in addition to distributing Iftar meals to around 2,000 people who benefit from Tkiyet Um Ali programs.

Seeking to reach the largest number of families/people in need, the bank made financial contributions to nearly 50 charitable societies under the Federation of Charitable Societies in Amman to enhance their ability to fulfill the needs of their beneficiaries and support them.

In line with the bank’s continued interest in supporting programs and meaningful events serving the community, it supported Alown Humanitarian Club's Ramadan event, the proceeds of which were allocated to support university students, as well as the Association of the People of Kafr Anah's activities and programs and many volunteering and Ramadan initiatives.

The Ramadan program is an extension of the bank’s efforts under its corporate social responsibility strategy encompassing all segments and people through initiatives, programs and humanitarian and relief work to continue support and empowerment.

The bank is keen to make contributions as a corporate and through employees' participation as they share the value of giving and supporting charitable work, in addition to its partnerships and shared efforts with civil society organizations throughout the year, not only Ramadan.

Through these efforts, the bank aims to maximize the positive, empowering impact of social programs and to be an active partner in ensuring food and human security, which will in turn drive sustainable development.