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Bank of Jordan Recognizes the Women of the SOS Children’s Village on Mother’s Day

Date: 02/04/2023

(Amman, Jordan – March 22, 2023) — In an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy, the Bank of Jordan celebrated Mother’s Day by honoring the Jordanian women of the SOS Children’s Village in Amman. The recognition was given to administrators and surrogate mothers who have selflessly taken on the responsibility to provide love, care, and support to orphaned children and others who lack family support.

The gesture is part of the bank’s initiative, named “Atni Al Ataa”, which saw its employees' offering roses and other symbolic gifts to women of the organization as a tribute to their selfless service and emotional support towards raising generations that can stand on their own feet as well as give back to society. It also demonstrated its appreciation for Jordanian women whose contributions have been integral in building families, communities, and the nation.

Women play a significant role in society as they are the foundation for building and developing a prosperous and progressive society. Consequently, through this initiative, the Bank of Jordan expressed its keenness to communicate and engage with all segments of society, specifically women, and build a culture of appreciation and respect. It stems from its belief in women’s capabilities and the need to support them wherever they are, including their position in the SOS Children’s Village. Since its strategic partnership in 2004, the bank has continued to provide all means of support to the organization to ensure its services’ sustainability and enable it to achieve its mission and noble goals.

Through this initiative, the Bank of Jordan is demonstrating its philanthropic endeavors, and it aims to give back to the women who are making a positive impact on society by helping individuals become active and productive members. Hence, the bank commemorated the ladies of the SOS Children’s village for their exceptional commitment to fostering children in a family-like atmosphere that focuses on delivering the highest levels of social, health, professional, and educational care in the Kingdom.

Bank of Jordan directs part of its investments to implement various programs and activities to support female employees and clients. From the beginning, it has strived to create a friendly and stimulating work environment for women, as well as provide customers with the best and most efficient banking solutions, products, and services specifically designed to meet their needs. Additionally, it empowers and supports women in the community through various initiatives that stem from a flexible and comprehensive strategy.