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Debit Mastercard 

With your Debit Mastercard from Bank of Jordan, you can get instant access to the money in your account. It is  the perfect card to manage your finances inside and outside Iraq


  • Can be used anywhere around the world make cash withdrawals from ATM machines and pay for purchases at points of sale and online
  • SMS alerts when making withdrawals or purchases
  • Secure online payments with one-time passwords (OTPs)
  • Contactless payment technology enables you to complete your purchases easily and quickly without the need to enter a PIN code, with a maximum limit per transaction 50,000 dinars and a maximum daily limit 150,000 dinars
  • Protection and security with Smart Chip technology
  • Electronic statement issuance

 Debit Mastercard Spending Limit

  • Cash withdrawals: 2 million dinars per day
  • Purchases: 1,500,000 dinars per day

Required Documents

  • Valid ID for Iraq’s citizens
  • Valid passport or residence permit for non - Iraq’s
  • Employment documentation and proof of income (For salary accounts)

To modify your spending limits or get more information, please contact our call center at +(964) 7835418888, 80050777 .

Cards Department email [email protected]

Bank terms and conditions apply.