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Iraq Bank Products

Contact the Bank of Jordan branch in Iraq at:

Phone: Customer Service: +(964) 7835418888  , 80050777 Bank/Head Offices: +(964) 7835418880

Branch:+(964) 7835418818 P.O. Box 3154

E-Mail: [email protected]

Location: Baghdad/ Salman Faeq Street/ Property No. 323/65 ,

Complaint Management

 The Bank of Jordan continuously strives to excel in serving its customers at a high level of quality. It is responsible for managing and handling customer complaints and observations through the Banking Compliance/Awareness Department, in addition to its responsibility through the following channels:

  • Number of the Customer Complaints Management Unit : +(964) 7835418800
  • Email: boj[email protected]
  • Personal visit to the customer complaints officer in the Iraq branch.

General Notes:

  • The period allotted for handling customer complaints ranges Within a maximum period of (15) days from the date of filing the complaint